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Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning provides a substitute cleaning method to your standard dry cleaning. Using water and biodegradable detergents in an exclusive washer that cleans garments very gently and sets a specific humidity level for the drying process.

In order to protect the garment shape and to impede shrinkage a special pressing and tensioning equipment is used.


If drycleaning inadequately does not remove stains from your clothing, wet cleaning works well. This will let us remove all kinds of stains and blemishes.


Linen, cotton, silk and light coloured items works well with Wet Cleaning. The best results are very visible on casual clothing, jeans and khakis.


We pride ourselves in being innovative in the dry cleaning business in Gainesville. For example we offer this eco-friendly option of “Wet Cleaning.” This will put less stress on the environment as we will use biodegradable agents.


Wet cleaning allows us to thoroughly clean clothes and eliminate stains more efficiently while still being very gentle to the garments.


Not all laundry and dry cleaning stores are the same. Our delicate processes and multiple options of stain removal and cleaning go above and beyond your average dry cleaners.


If you are looking for wet cleaning call Dry Clean Xpress at 770 536 6676 and we also deliver in the Gainesville area!!