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Dry Cleaning

Gainesville’s Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning FREE Pick-up & Delivery

 Dry Cleaning is Our  Passion & Profession.


Our focal point at Dry Clean Xpress is to provide you with a premium dry cleaning service available using only the most up to date eco-friendly processes. We are devoted to providing you satisfaction and the environmental wellbeing of our community.


This how we keep to our guarantee……


Firstly there is nothing “dry” about dry cleaning.  The purpose of all dry cleaning machines are the same – wash, extract and dry. All dry cleaning machines vary in size. Clothing that is to be dry cleaned is loaded into a stainless steel basket that is slotted to let the solvents flow.  The operation begins with the basket spinning and the solvent is pumped in to eliminate soil from the clothing being cleaned. The dirty solvent is removed, run through filters and then recycled through the basket as clean solvent.  The cycle is duplicated until the clothing is clean.


This implies a pretty easy approach to cleaning your clothes… but it is not. The clothing being cleaned relies upon the choice of solvent type and most of all the efficiency of the filtering process, to the key components of the degree of soil removal, maintaining brightness of colour and even the smell.


We combined a highly trained/skilled staff and use the latest technology to get the best dry cleaning service available in Gainesville, GA.


Subsequently after the fabrics have completed the “wash” cycle the clothing is inspected by our garment specialist to check if any post-cleaning spot removal is needed. If needed our garment specialist will implement appropriate chemical solutions, steam or water on the stain and air or vacuum dry with our professional equipment. The items are “finished: through pressing, steaming to shape, iron and quick drying to remove moister from steaming. Again if needed during this time we also do any needed repairs to restore the garment i.e. sew buttons onto shirts.


An Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Company in Gainesville, GA.

Combining a highly skills workface, attention detail and customer service and the combining the latest technology you obtain the finest value in dry cleaning service available in Gainesville GA. If you are a office you have the option of adding free pickup and delivery, offering great value and convenience. Why not call us today at 770 540 4968 and schedule your first service.